The Process

What should I expect?

  • An initial strategy session to get to know one another and clear up initial questions about franchising. We discuss your interests, strengths, weaknesses, and begin to identify what characteristics in a business model are most important to you.
  • You will take a personality assessment to identify the best franchise fit for you in terms of business model 
  • I will research franchise opportunities that align with your goals and are available in your territory. We will discuss the results during our brand overview call 
  • I will connect you with the franchise opportunity(ies) that you are most interested in to begin gathering the information you need to make a smart investment decision
  • We will work together closely while we investigate the franchise of your choosing, and I will offer assistance by connecting you with services such as a lender, an attorney, a CPA, etc (if needed)

Best of all, you pay me nothing for any of the above services! Just like in a real estate transaction, the sellers pay the commission, not the buyer, so my service to you is completely FREE!

Ready to get started?


Owning a Franchise

If You’re Ready to Own and Run Your Own Franchise Business, Work with the Franchise Intelligence Team. Everywhere you turn today, you see franchises! Financial experts agree that franchising plays a significant role in the future of business. Currently over 20% of franchises are minority owned, franchise businesses account for over $460 billion of the gross domestic product, and franchise businesses employ millions of people.  Franchising offers success with the least amount of risk to aspiring business Entrepreneurs.  Franchises enable hundreds of thousands of new business owners to realize the dream of successful business ownership and financial independence.With the support and the power of Franchise Intelligence Team behind you, you’ll save a tremendous amount of time, money and effort in selecting your best franchise opportunity. And most importantly, as your Franchise Consultant, Broker and Coach, you’ll avoid franchises that are financially unstable, aren’t a good fit for you, don’t meet your financial and lifestyle goals, and/or do not provide adequate training and support.

No Obligation

There is absolutely no obligation to purchase a franchise that we present to you.  After going through the evaluation and qualification process together, we will present you as a qualified prospective buyer to the franchises that you have chosen.  If you purchase one of these franchises, the franchisor will pay us for finding a qualified buyer.  Federal Trade Commission law dictates that the franchisor must charge you the same whether you go through us or directly to them.  Here are other important factors as you consider the services of a Franchise Consultant rather than going directly to the franchisor:

  • Franchise Intelligence Team will educate you in the intricacies of franchising.
  • The franchisor will tell you the advantages of their franchise, but Franchise Intelligence Team will also identify any disadvantages that should be considered.
  • The franchisor will tell you how great their franchise is, but Franchise Intelligence Team will help you identify the franchisor’s competitors that may be even better.
  • Franchise Intelligence Team provides value at NO RISK to their clients!
  • Franchise Intelligence Team can show you industries and companies that you may not have thought of but should be able to meet your lifestyle and financial goals.